16oz Camera systems

Todays top flight digital cameras can all, depending on the situation, produce fantastic pictures. We in any given month will invariably use a variety of cameras but in our desire to excel we do tend to focus on the cameras that allow us to build the most powerful flexible imaging systems. Currently the Red Monstro is our go to camera.  Extensive testing showed us that, for the work we do, it is the most flexible and capable camera on the market. Happy to discuss our findings with any fellow geeks . We accept it is not always the easiest camera to 'knock out images' with but that is our problem not yours. 


The Monstro chip produces very beautiful images with both faithful colour and enough resolution/latitude to handle most situations. You need a 4k film and also need to pull 8k stills for print or perhaps a film made solely of slow-motion detail shots (up to  240fps) the DMC2 Monstro is perfect. However when it comes to super slowmotion (up to 2000fps at 2k) the king of all the contenders is the Phantom 4k Flex.  No longer is latitude and colour rendition sacrificed for super high temporal resolution.  

No matter what camera we use our biggest investment is the accessories that allow them to work at their best in every situation. We feel the camera body typically gets a disproportionate amount of attention and the unsung heroes are the 100s of other accessories that are need to work fast and flexible. As mentioned in tech details lenses, filtration, lights and grip are often far more important. To make things easier for everyone we have loosely created multiple packages designed for different tasks.  

The designations  

'Studio' a full package that includes every thing needed for your typical commercial… Primes, Zooms, multiple matt-boxes, second body, electronic lens controls systems and wireless monitoring are all included. 


‘Vérité’ a Zoom based light(ish) film package. Perfect for the faster moving shoot but still capable of the highest image quality.


'Editorial'  a simple set up with a basic set of cine primes or zooms that was designed to service stills style fashion and corporate films. Great for Look books and Brand films.  


'Gimbal-cam'  we are finally happy with the brushless gimbals stabilizers system. It comes pre-built with a modified EasyRig, Serene arm extender and Puppeteer. We stabilize all 6 axis! This is now a really useful tool and no longer a niche gadget. Full Lens control is also included.