Post Production

16oz Studio is able to offer a very near set post service. Whether it is having a editor cut the material as it is captured for super fast turn around jobs or having all the rushes (or rushes selects)  graded near set to allow clear visualisation of end product through editorial please discuss with is what is possible. We also have Grade 1 and 4k monitoring and a cost effective post edit grade and conform facility. With more than 100TB of super fast storage we can deal with any size project. 

Please contact us with any questions.

Live Grading

Utilising Davinci Resolves Live Grade functionality we have the ability to take a live feed from the camera and work in Resolve as if using captured footage. We can perform complex grades in real-time while liaising with the DOP and director. The graded output can then be fed back into the monitors on set.      

Edit & Colour

We like to look at what we are shooting and what we’ve shot, and so for us, having a fast, efficient backbone that is flexible enough to support today’s and tomorrows data heavy workflows is key.

We have been working with 4K footage for over 8 years and understand the requirements for storage. We are able to move and store large quantities of data at speed with a 64TB (RAID 6) EditShare SAN in house. We have multiple Avid Workstations running Media Composer 8 (with Symphony options) all connected via high speed 10G copper or ethernet. With read and write speeds exceeding 700MB/s, we can edit  4K streams at ease.

Our edit and colouring suite is fitted out with 4K monitoring and high fidelity audio which can be played out of Avid or DaVinci Resolve.