We make filming easier

We at 16oz studio specialise in making demanding filming much easier - both for ourselves and for you. We have a huge collective detailed knowledge and love to share!

So whether you need to capture complicated miniature actions at 1000fps or just get an immaculate radiant skin tone without any postproduction we are here and will deliver.  We consult before the job, help you pick the right team and equipment to make sure you get a great result. When should you call us? If you have some filming coming up and want less hassle, greater efficiency and a more accountability  then we should chat! We will honestly engage with your needs and even if we are not the right guys to help this time we will make the right industry recommendations, not sell you anything and make sure you are looked after.  So if you need anything from a super slick camera assistant with only a small van full of kit to a full team of film professionals and a studio full of the latest film equipment we will be able to help. 


Our technical team have access to a fantastic array of lenses , camera grip and lights but we do tend to shoot with only 2 or 3 cameras sytems. Currently the Red Monstro is our standard go to camera and extensive tests (which we can share with you) showed us that it is the most flexible and capable camera on the market. You need a 4k film and also need to pull 8k stills for print or perhaps a film made solely of slow-motion detail shots (up to  240fps) the Monstro is perfect. However when it comes to super slowmotion (up to 2000fps at 2k) the king of all the contenders is the Phantom 4k Flex.  We love shooting with the phantom and all our lights are flicker safe to 2000fps+.


At 16oz Studio we have worked very hard to create an efficient approach to moving image production. As most people know, making films of any kind is a complex and compound craft that takes such a wide range of skills and technology that it often become laden with technical and political obstacles. 16oz Studio was primarily set up to empower and lighten the load with respect to both film equipment and operating complexities. We also happen to have a small studio!

Our systems are based on carefully selected equipment placed in the hands of highly trained and motivated personnel. Even though we have 6 full cinema camera systems, over 50 different lighting fixtures and many types of grip equipment we don't dry hire. Why? The simple and honest answer is that if you want to dry hire and need no help there are plenty of big hire companies to choose from (Arri, Panavision etc). We want you to have the best experience  and benefit from an approach that was formed in the trenches on our own productions.  We have no interest at all in just hiring out shiny boxes but we have a huge invested interest in you producing wonderful content. Why? The main reason is that we are providing a visual service with clear accountability in the projects success. We won't charge you for stuff you don't need, we will instantly put our hands up if we are not the right team for you, we accept that your plans may change and always stay flexible - we always leave space around all bookings. So if your project grows or contracts we painlessly adjust. Also remember no matter how big or small the project is at at least one of us will be there so it is very important it all goes well... we are part of your team!

Please do contact us with any production requirements.. 

If you are interested in the specifics of some of the tools we have chosen please look at the details section of this site.