The Studio

Our original need was for an efficient premium live action production capacity and this is only really possible if tools and tech team live in a place where experimentation in film technique is encouraged... in 2014 we gave this a home and 16oz studio was born. 

16oz is constantly researching, developing and investing in new tools and approaches this keeps everyone’s craft sharp and up to date. 16oz studio space is both an atelier for film artists/craftspeople and one essential component from a wider commercial tool/offering.

16oz studio inhabits a space within a secure gated complex. The shooting area is an 800+sq feet studio within a larger production space that includes a production office and edit suites.

Studio Spec We have a beautiful white or green 26ft wide infinity cove with two 3-way corners. It has a Black curtain that can be pulled around 3/4 of the room and a temporary Rosco black floor completely covers the cove floor. So in one shoot you can bounce back and forward between black and any other colour without a can of paint!

  • The lighting and rigging grid has 6ft spacing and is 13ft above the floor. The ceiling apex above this goes all the way up to 23ft. 
  • There is access to 3x63 amp power outlets and ample and versatile distribution to cover any situation (32amp, 16amp and 13amp).
  • The floor is a very smooth polyurethane resin that both looks attractive and allows for quick smooth camera moves. 
  • There is also a green room with a live camera output to a 55” Screen and live grading of this output is also possible.
  • With more than 100Tb of very fast networked Raid storage, LTO 6 tape systems and specialised processing equipment we can manage, process and backup all data with consummate ease.


Other studios

16oz’s in-house small studio is incredibly well resourced and this allows us to take on jobs that would be too big for another similar sq/foot space. That said there is obviously many times it is simply too small. We completely understand this. For about 20% of our own studio jobs we use other spaces.  We have good relationships with a number of other spaces and can deploy the 16oz Studio crew and kit anywhere. 

Location shooting

Due to our obsession with efficient process, people and equipment, the 16oz Studio system is ideal for location work. One of our camera packages, the Dragon Vérité, is specially designed for lightweight cinema quality deployment.


One of the reason we created 16oz studio was so we could test, develop and incubate for projects that may not have any obvious commercial value. If you need to test anything interesting please get in contact